Review: The Urchin | Jess & Josh Cook

Review: The Urchin | Jess & Josh Cook


After hearing about the amazing seafood one of my colleagues had at The Urchin around a year ago, Josh and I were eager to head down there. About a week later, on a Friday night, we waltzed in expecting a table which was incredibly naive of us. The guy behind the bar told us there obviously wasn’t a table free and we’d need to book in advance and that often they’re too busy to even answer the phone let alone reply to booking emails. We ended up at Giggling Squid that evening but talked about trying to get a booking there basically every month thereafter.

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Fast forward to last weekend and we finally had a table booked at The Urchin. Despite rushing to get there for our table as we were running late, there had been a mix up with the timings and our table had been reserved for half an hour later than we’d asked for. Thankfully, we didn’t actually have to wait that long as our fab waitress had a table ready for us in less than 5 minutes.


The atmosphere and décor in The Urchin is really cool. It’s a pub, so it’s really relaxed and friendly and although you’re eating fancy and quite highly priced food you don’t feel out of place like we did at GB1 (we’re just not fancy enough!)


Their main menu is very simple, with just 3 starters and 5 mains to choose from. However, they have a big specials board which the waitress says changes all the time and had even changed since her last shift the weekend before. We ordered our starter off the specials board and both got a main from their menu.


Deep fried mussels on wasabi aioli with caramelised onion – £9.25

You can see why we just had to order this off their specials menu can’t you? It was as good as it sounds and such an original dish. The aioli had just a little too much wasabi in it for Josh’s liking, but apart from that it was flawless. The batter was perfectly crisp and the sweetness from the caramelised onion balanced out the wasabi.


Whole crab, garlic butter – £14

Josh ordered the crab and the meat was really juicy and succulent, however the sauce that it came in didn’t really add any flavour and was a little disappointing.


Garlic King Prawns – £13

The prawns were delicious, cooked perfectly and a generous portion! They came on a bed of cous cous which didn’t add anything to the dish and went mostly untouched, the prawns were definitely enough.

We were also served a portion of bread which our mains and we ordered a side of chips to share, both great additions and I was tempted to ask for a doggy bag for the bread it was so soft.

All in all, a good meal and we would definitely go back to try out some more of their specials. The starter was the highlight of the meal but the friendly atmosphere and the excellent customer service made the night.

You can find them at 15-17 Belfast Street, Hove, BN33YS