Review: Franco Manca | Jess & Josh Cook

Review: Franco Manca | Jess & Josh Cook


Brighton seems to be acquiring a lot of London chains at the moment and so far, we haven’t been too impressed. Stock Burger Co. and Wahaca were less than great experiences, so we didn’t get our hopes up for the latest to hit the town.. Franco Manca.

On Wednesday evening, Josh and I headed down to their new venue with my sister and her boyfriend for a tasting evening before their grand opening tonight (27th May). I’m so pleased to say we were very pleasantly surprised, considering we rarely order pizza (unless we’re hungover and we need something greasy) as we thoroughly enjoyed the food and the venue.

IMG_1764Their menu is simple, 6 pizzas to choose from and a couple of salads, all on sourdough bases. We each started the evening with (apart from Josh ordering wine) a bottle of their No Logo craft beer which is seriously good and very easy to drink.

Our waitress took our orders (without writing them down, horrifyingly) but we had no issues with service. Our waitress, and everyone working there, seemed to be operating seamlessly with a proper buzz in the air. The atmosphere was busy and fun and is definitely somewhere you could see yourself hanging out at for a few drinks before moving onto a pub in town.

Now.. onto the food!


 Gloucester Old Spot Ham (home cured), mozzarella, buffalo ricotta & wild mushrooms – £6.85

The boys both went for this one, both complained that they wanted their pizza cut up so it would be easier to eat but that’s just their personal preferences. Josh had finished his pizza before I had even got through half of mine but I managed to steal a bite and can confirm it was really good. Would have been good with some dipping sauce though for those amazing crusts, a few of us thought.


Tomato, cured organic chorizo & mozzarella – £6.95

This was my sister Rubie’s pizza (cue food envy) which is the most expensive on the menu, but still seriously cheap when you compare it to Domino’s! Her only complaint was the middle had gotten a bit soggy, probably due to the oil released by the chorizo but all in all, a really tasty pizza.


Tomato, basil and mozzarella  – £5.90

Such a simple pizza, but the flavours were amazing and I also added garlic to it. A great crust, a charred underskirt and they nailed the leoparding once again.


For dessert we all ordered the chocolate and hazelnut cake with vanilla ice cream. Mixed reviews on that one, Jordan loved it, Rubie and I didn’t mind it and Josh disliked it, thumbs up to the ice cream all round though.

From all of us, the only real downside to the evening was the lack of information on their menu. The menu is simple, just showing the 6 pizzas and 2 salads they offer plus their drinks menu. We didn’t order any starters because we weren’t aware they did them as they’re not on the menu, the extras you can add to the pizza were written on a big board the other side of the room which we didn’t know about until mid-order and there was no dessert menu, just the options the waitress gave us when we asked after seeing other people ordering cake.

However, I do still recommend you head down, we rate the pizza higher than anywhere else in Brighton we’ve tried and the pricing is just ridiculously cheap how could you resist?!

You can check out their menu here or pop down and see them Regent Street, Brighton, BN1IUL 

*Our dinner at Franco Manca was free of charge but all opinions are our own*