Review: Nanny Violet’s Jam | Jess & Josh Cook

Review: Nanny Violet’s Jam | Jess & Josh Cook

Nanny Violet’s Jams are a small, family run business making preserves in many different forms and flavours. The recipes have been handed down and are now made by her Grandchildren, isn’t that just the nicest thing ever? From kiwi jam to spicy sweetcorn relish, you can purchase them from their Etsy store and I wholeheartedly recommend you do!


Look, even Bella loves them! 


We were sent 5 little pots of preserves of all different flavours to try out and I squealed in excitement when I saw 3/5 of them were booze flavoured, how did they know me so well?!


Each pot comes beautifully wrapped and we were sent 3 jams and 2 chutneys. My all time favourite of the bunch has to be the Strawberry & Champagne, that was finished before the day was up with Very Berry Vodka coming in a close second. The Gin & Tonic, sadly, was a little too bitter for my taste but we loved the chutneys and they went very nicely with the curry we had last night.

It’s super important to support small businesses, and Nanny Violet’s Jams are deserving of everyone’s support! Why not give them a follow on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest or like their Facebook page? And don’t forget to check out their Etsy store, I’ll be heading there to buy a big pot of Strawberry & Champagne Jam (it’s only £2.50!!).