Review: Wahaca Brighton | Jess & Josh Cook

Review: Wahaca Brighton | Jess & Josh Cook

We’ve been dying to go to Wahaca and see what all the fuss was about and after failing to get a table a few weeks back (which led us to Dos Sombreros) we finally managed to get a table last night.


We headed down around 8pm and as it was a Wednesday we weren’t expecting it to be too busy but upon arrival were told there would be a 30-40 minute wait for a table. Fine. (Well, not fine but we decided to just wait and grab a drink). Over an hour later we were finally seated, at a table that we saw was free for at least 20 minutes before we were actually sat down at it. It’s safe to say we were a bit annoyed. I will never understand restaurants that don’t take bookings (Wahaca only take bookings up until 6pm and who eats dinner that early?).

Whilst we were waiting I went to have a nosey round their loo’s as I was bored and their décor is actually super cute…


Once seated our waitress came over to explain the menu and we decided to go for a few of their small plates of street food. Our waitress was amazing, the service was incredibly quick once we were actually seated and I would say she was one of the best waitresses we’ve had whilst eating out in Brighton. It makes such a difference to an experience when the service is good and it brought us out of our bad moods instantly.


Chorizo & Potato Quesadillas – £4.25

These were okay, but just not exciting at all. Nothing at all wrong with the actual taste, just a bit boring.


Summer Pea & Mint Empanadas – £4.25

Ahh I loved these, Josh wasn’t too fussed. The filling also had feta in and the sauce that accompanied them was spicy so the creaminess of the feta perfectly balanced the heat. I’d definitely order these again if I were to go back.


Devon Crab & MSC Shrimp Taquitos – £4.95

Slightly disappointed in these but only due to our own lack of knowledge of what a taquitos was (I had imagined a deep fried burrito) and the taste of the fish didn’t come through enough.


MSC Battered Cod Baja Taco – £5.50

Oh. My. God. These tacos. They were a firm favourite and Josh is going to attempt to make them at home too. The other dishes paled in comparison to the flavour combos going on with these badboys. I’m getting hungry just thinking about them!


Last of all was their special, a slow cooked lamb taco (I can’t remember the price it’s not on their main menu). Unfortunately, that photo above is a shot of the oil just dripping out of the taco and I just couldn’t eat it. Josh, quite rightly, described the tacos as “oil soaked flannels” which is a shame because we were really looking forward to this one as we swapped another plate we were planning on ordering for it.

One mouthful and all you could taste was the oil and the tacos were just soaked in it. Not very impressing for a special and so gutting to end the meal with!

So, overall, would we return? If they change their system and allow bookings, probably! But, as I can’t see that happening, probably not. It’s so annoying to get ready to go out for dinner, look forward to it, and then be told either a) there are no tables for 1.5 hours+ or b) wait for ages and end up getting hangry.

Have you been to Wahaca? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!