Review: Dos Sombreros | Jess & Josh Cook

Review: Dos Sombreros | Jess & Josh Cook

First of all, we hadn’t planned on going to Dos Sombreros. We had actually planned to go to Wahaca but they couldn’t seat us for like 2 hours and we were too hungry to wait that long.

I checked out Tripadvisor and Dos Sombreros had alright reviews so we headed there to satisfy our cravings for Mexican food but now I really wish we had just gone home and ordered a Domino’s.


When we arrived we were seated on a tiny table for two and the waitress took our order. She barely understood that we were asking for two cokes and rudely shouted WHAT in my face when asking to repeat myself. Good start.

We skipped starters because their menu is insanely expensive, but this made us hopeful for good quality and tasty food!


Chicken Fajitas – £13.25


King Prawn Fajitas – £14.95


We both ordered fajitas, I had the chicken and Josh went for the prawn, and the food doesn’t justify the price tag.

We had to share the (looks like packaged pre-grated) cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Our table was so tiny that we kept burning ourselves on our hot plates and the table kept wobbling. The tortillas were tiny so I could only fit one piece of chicken in my wrap if I had any hope of eating with dignity.

The prawns had very little flavour and both dishes could have been made for much cheaper at home with a trusty Old El Paso fajita kit.

Neither of us would return to Dos Sombreros and we wouldn’t recommend you do either. Our waitress wasn’t very polite, the food was expensive for what it was and the table was just SO small it made the experience really awkward.

If you do wanna head down, you can check out their menu here or head down to Ship Street to see them.