Foodies Festival Brighton | Jess & Josh Cook

Foodies Festival Brighton | Jess & Josh Cook

Last year we won tickets to go to the Foodies Festival from Cate and it ended up being what ignited our love of cooking together, so when we saw it was back this year and right outside our house of course we were going back! It’s definitely turning into a tradition for us.

The weather held up for us this year and we got a fair amount of sun between the clouds, ate loads of free tasters and came home with a few treats. Cue a million photos of our day…


Imagine our excitement for a place that does pie and MASH?!



Our first buy of the day were a couple of Harry Brompton’s alcoholic ice teas.


SO MUCH CHOICE FOR CHEESE. These were the highlights. Tasters of Comte at different ages and then the BEST selection of cheeses from The British Cheese company. We bought a block of ‘The Drunken Monk’ which is mature cheddar with caramelised onion and red wine but I did almost buy the Sticky Toffee Tastic too. A cheese that tastes just like toffee, it works!!



We then headed over to the Chefs tent to see Michal from 64 Degrees do a cooking demonstration. The last time both of us saw Josh’s dad was the day after boxing day where we met up with the rest of his family for lunch at 64 Degrees and it was an amazing afternoon so seeing this was a little sentimental for us. It was lovely.


This gin was 45%! I had one sip and was 100% tipsy.


Last of all, we bought some Nonya’s curry sauce which is the best premade curry sauce we’ve ever tried so you have to check them out. Some garlic & parsley salt and a pot of pulled pork pate. And of course, I couldn’t leave without some delicious churros.

We enjoyed it so much we’re heading back today and tomorrow to watch some more chef presentations! Have you ever been to a foodies festival? Let us know!