Our vegetarian week | Jess & Josh Cook

Our vegetarian week | Jess & Josh Cook

Whenever we’re feeling a bit strapped for cash, the first thing we do is look at what we’re spending the most money on and how we can reduce it. Of course, it’s always food.

I’ve never worked out how much money we spend on food a month, it’s just too daunting! I much prefer the ‘stick my head in the sand’ approach to where my money is going.

What we usually do when we need to cut back on food spending is spend a week eating only vegetarian meals, as meat is our biggest cost when doing a food shop. I know this isn’t the “right” reason to consume less meat, but at least we’re trying!

I hear a lot of people say that they don’t think meat free Mondays is enough of a commitment to vegetarianism, so they’ll probably be thinking the same of our vegetarian week. However, by not eating any meat for a week (which we probably do once a month) we save 51 animals and 402 lbs of CO2 per year isn’t released into the air. So, in our eyes, we’re doing our bit and hopefully more people will start having more veggie days!

Anyway, rant over. Now onto the good stuff.. the food and the savings!

This was our shopping list for the week (shout out to That Lame Company for their awesome Weekly Meal Planners!):


In total, our shop came to less than £15 and if we had shopped somewhere other than Waitrose I’m sure it could have been much cheaper. Compare that to the £60 food shop we did the week before and the savings speak for themselves!

What did we eat?

Okay, so we weren’t very creative when it came to the weeks menu. We just thought about our favourite dinners and recreated them without the meat…

Monday – Veggie Burritos

Super easy and very quick. We just fried up some onion and pepper with some garlic and fajita seasoning, then made these refried beans and chucked it all in a wrap with some rice and lettuce.

Tuesday – Veggie Burgers 


Man, these burgers were bloody amazing. We haven’t figured out yet how to keep the burger from falling apart when you try and flip it in the pan but as soon as we do (suggestions welcome!!) we’ll be sharing our recipe with y’all cause this one is a must try.

Wednesday – Veggie Burgers (AGAIN)


We didn’t plan on having the burgers twice, we were supposed to be doing a risotto but we had loads of mixture leftover and they were just that good!

Thursday – Shepherdless Pie

We’ve already shared this recipe with you so check it out if you fancy a meatless Shepherds Pie. We added broccoli to the mashed potato this time and topped it all with some breadcrumbs to use up some leftovers.

Friday – Veggie Pizzas

We left pizzas til the end of the week because a) Fridays were made for pizza and b) they’re perfect for using up leftover veg. We used our quick pizza recipe and just emitted the meat!

Final Thoughts

You may know that Josh isn’t too keen on becoming a vegetarian, he is just a boy who loves his meat. This week he said he hadn’t missed meat at all and it didn’t even register that none of our meals contained it, that’s a little victory in my eyes!

How often do you go meat-free? Do you have any recipes we should try out next month?