Review: Cafe Chilli | Jess & Josh Cook

Review: Cafe Chilli | Jess & Josh Cook

Guys guys guys, we haven’t talked to you yet about the really great dinner we had out for my birthday last month!

I first heard about Cafe Chilli when I saw someone on Twitter post a photo of the dinner they were having there and it looked delicious. But, not knowing Hove very well, I had no idea where it was.

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Fast forward a couple of months and I now walk past Cafe Chilli twice a day, to and fro from work, and annoy Josh weekly by saying “we really should go try that Thai place!”

When my birthday rolled around at the end of March it was obvious where we were heading and I sent Seb a few tweets expressing my excitement for finally trying it out.

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As soon as we sat down Seb came and introduced himself and was a wonderful host, we saw him doing this with other customers too (not just the ones who pestered him on Twitter) and it really does add such a nice touch to the experience.


(Sorry for the photo quality!!!) Thai Sausage (£5.95)


Crispy Chilli Squid (£5.95)

For starters I had the Thai Sausage and Josh went for the squid (of course). I really love that their menu has been written in a chatty manner and they state the origin of the dish which is was enticed me to try the sausage… oo-er!!

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog you’ll know we try the squid wherever we go, but since having the best calamari ever in Barcelona last year we’ve felt a bit disappointed. This squid was ever so slightly over cooked, however, it was definitely the best we’ve had so far in Brighton. The batter was crispy and it was seasoned to perfection with just enough heat from the chilli coming through.

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We then ordered some more Thai soft drinks (the basil and strawberry was my favourite) and eagerly awaited for our main courses to arrive.

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Dancing Beef (£9.95)


I Love Salmon (£12.95)

I had the beef and Josh ordered the salmon, and my god how I had food envy. But more about that in a minute. I never usually go for beef dishes, it’s my least favourite meat if I had to rank them, but something about the description wooed me into ordering it. I’m glad I did too! Beef stir fried with garlic, chilli and sweet basil on a sizzling hot plate. The beef was perfectly cooked and although the dish was a little spicy for me it didn’t stop me scoffing the whole thing.

I still have dreams about Josh’s salmon and will no doubt be back to order the meal for myself in the near future (albeit maybe through Deliveroo so I don’t have to get off the sofa). Crispy salmon fillets in a peanut sauce with a bloody spring roll on top!! If you get the chance to head down to Cafe Chilli you just gotta try this one, trust me.

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Seb, being the great host that he was, offered us a free dessert but we were way too stuffed to have one each. I can’t remember what this was called or how much it was, but with banana, chocolate sauce and ice cream what more could a girl want on her birthday?

I’ve really sung Cafe Chilli’s praises here and they totally deserve it. You can check out their menu here or pop down and see them on 8 Church Road, Hove.