A Little Sunday Summary #11

A Little Sunday Summary #11

Sorry for the little hiatus, last weekend I was in Prague so I didn’t get to write you guys one of our weekly updates. You can, however, read about my weekend trip to Prague here.

This week I’ve finally gotten into podcasts (after months of Cate begging me to) and started the Making a Murderer series by Real Crime Profile. If you got into the Netflix documentary as heavily as I did, I thoroughly recommend giving this a listen. It features Jim Clemente (former FBI profiler), Laura Richards (formerly of New Scotland Yard, FBI trained and Director of Paladin) and Lisa Zambetti (casting director for Criminal Minds). They analyze every aspect of the documentary, including the interview of Jody’s after the documentary came out. Super interesting!


For Emma’s birthday we went out for lunch and discovered the cutest little cafe in Hove called Sunshine cafe, which made us feel like we were in a little cove in Cornwall and I had the sexiest Mac n Cheese ever with a very tasty coleslaw.


Josh and I discovered that the key to making an incredible lasagna is to use fresh pasta. This is probably really obvious, but we’ve always used shop bought lasagna sheets until this week and they always end up a little crunchy but from now on we’ll definitely be making our own!


We finally brought you another recipe, a dinner we had 3 times last week just so Josh could nail the marinade, he’s very hard to please sometimes.


Today I went to a great meet up for Brighton Girl Mag at Verano Lounge, it was a chance for girls in their 20’s living in and around Brighton to get together, get to know each other and make new friends. I got to meet so many lovely people and I’m really looking forward to the next one in April, if you’re interested you should sign up here.

Have you been to any great meet ups recently? Or know of any coming up that we should head to? Let us know in the comments!

This time next week it’ll be my 21st birthday so I’ll probably be too busy being pampered (I wish) to write our weekly update, you’ll hear all about my day on Twitter though I’m sure.