24 hours in Prague | Jess & Josh Cook

24 hours in Prague | Jess & Josh Cook

Okay, so not quite 24 hours, with the 2.5 hour delay on my outbound flight I only spent 23.5 hours there but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

I went over there for one night to visit my longest and bestest friend Faith, who is living out there at the moment, and as an early birthday present she got us tickets to see Years & Years on Saturday night.

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I’m a worrier, always have been always will be, so I hate flying. I also always get to the airport around 3 hours earlier than take off just to be doubly cautious. What a waste of time that was! It wasn’t until half an hour after our original take off time that we were told we were delayed until 4:45pm.

IMG_0387Nightmare. The gig started at 7pm and I wasn’t going to arrive in Prague until 8pm, thankfully Years & Years didn’t go on until 9.30 and as we arrived at the venue we heard them opening with my favourite song, Real.

As you can see, my photography skills seriously decline after a bottle of wine and a few tinnes. However, the show was amazing and definitely worth the stress in getting there, my highlight was their cover of Toxic by Britney Spears.

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We then went to a Latino night where we got seriously white girl wasted, neither of us remember much about being there at all. On our way home our night took a turn for the worse.

Faith never gets a taxi home in Prague, she always gets the bus/metro, so we’re struggling to understand why we even got in a taxi to get home later that night and now we seriously wish we hadn’t.

It’s pretty hazy but we’re in this taxi and the driver is on the motorway in the middle of nowhere and just pulls over and stops the car. We have absolutely no recollection as to why and he didn’t speak any English so we couldn’t have known anyway. We get out the car and he starts shouting at us both in Czech, pushing and shoving us and then grabbed me by the arms.

We’re freaked out, drunk, probably crying, and run away. We find a petrol station and head inside and try to explain to the woman behind the counter what had happened but she also didn’t speak any English so she just stared at us blankly. Then in comes the taxi driver and basically mugs me, he takes all the money I have on me and runs back to his car.

So now we’re stuck at a petrol station, in Prague, neither of our phones working, we had no money and nobody could help us. Thankfully we find another taxi and beg him to take us back to Faith’s accommodation, which he does, and we make it back safely.

Literally one of the scariest experiences of my life.


We wake up the next morning seriously hungover – probably still drunk cause I can’t remember taking the photo above – but jump straight out of bed and head out to explore Prague for the few hours I had left until my flight home.

We go for some breakfast but have no idea what any of the items on the menu were so we just picked two random ones. Oh how I wish I spoke Czech. Faith ended up with steak, horseradish and the biggest wedges I’ve ever seen and I got pork stuffed with cheese and lettuce (?), chips and a gravy which was basically just Worcestershire sauce.

We then took the bus/metro into town and did the Prague walk and I got to visit all the Prague must-see’s with Faith as my tour guide.


The Prague Astronomical Clock, Faith described this as the most underwhelming tourist attraction in Europe. It’s the oldest working clock in the World, being installed in 1410 and people wait for the hour to see the clock strike, when the Apostles move.


Next up was Charles bridge, where people hang locks like they do in Paris and there are beautiful statues all the way along.



Unpopular opinion alert, I don’t like John Lennon for various reasons. But this was definitely by favourite spot of the day, the John Lennon wall.


Once a normal, plain white wall, in the 80’s students would gather here and write lyrics and sing Beatles songs as a form of rebellion against the communist government. There was a guy singing there when we went which, in our hungover states, nearly broke us emotionally.


Last, but not least, we hiked up to the Prague Castle where we witnessed a very strange, wedding photo shoot in the middle of the square. On our way up we also passed a statue with a gold penis, just lovely.


Our final stop in Prague was the train bar, which I’ve been dying to go to since Faith first told me about it. Your drinks order get delivered to you by train !! It’s so cool. We had some really nice food and hung out until it was time to go back to the airport.


So although I was there for less than a day it was a pretty eventful weekend in Prague!


Have you ever been? Josh and I want to go on a weekend holiday next month, any recommendations?