A Little Sunday Summary #10

A Little Sunday Summary #10

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to everybody celebrating today!


This is my beautiful mum, my little sister Rubie and me, one of my favourite photos which always makes an appearance on Mother’s Day. I’ve literally never seen a photo of Josh as a child so I don’t have one of him and his mum to upload, so he’s being left out today.

We’ve been a bit quiet on the recipe front this week which I hadn’t realised until today! We’ve been cooking lot’s of new things but haven’t perfected them so Josh is gonna be working on that in the next few weeks so we can get some more recipes out. Here’s some of what we’ve been cooking…


Greek style marinated chicken skewers


Bread and butter pudding


Fish & Chips, served with mushy peas and tempura veg too


You may have seen that we revisited Stock Burger Co. this weekend and wrote another review for them, which you can read here if you haven’t already!


We wrote about our Top 5 date night restaurants in Brighton, check it out to see if you’ve been to any on our list!

More things that happened this week…

  • We woke up on Monday morning to find out that Leo finally won an Oscar, hooray!
  • I booked my flights to go see Years & Years in Prague with my best mate.
  • We’ve been watching Love on Netflix and I really like it, I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews but I would definitely recommend it.

We hope you all have an enjoyable and relaxing Sunday, now off to make a dent in the mess our house is in..