REVISITED: Stock Burger Co. Brighton | Jess & Josh Cook

REVISITED: Stock Burger Co. Brighton | Jess & Josh Cook

At the beginning of the year we went to Stock Burger Co. Brighton’s launch evening and unfortunately we were left disappointed at the end of the night, you can read about how the evening went here.

Stock Burger Co. invited us back with the offer of a free meal for two and to give them another chance. Last time we had a late table (10pm) which we thought might have caused some of the troubles we had, so we returned on a weeknight at a more reasonable time (7.30pm) to make sure we were being totally fair.


Upon arrival we were offered whatever table we’d prefer and chose a big booth by the window. Our waitress came over with tasters of their signature Stock Burger IPA which I had last time I came and really enjoyed, and some nibbles whilst we decided what we wanted to eat.


I went for their classic Stock Burger (£8.50) which is what Josh ordered last time and gave me super food envy. I also couldn’t resist getting a side of their mac ‘n’ cheese (£4.95) after seeing so many tweets of people having it and saying it’s amazing.

The beef was cooked perfectly, incredibly juicy and just the right amount of pink in the middle. The mac ‘n’ cheese lived up to the hype and I’m ashamed of myself for not being able to eat it all!



Josh had the Craft Beer Classic (£10.50) and a side of onion rings (£3.50) even though his burger also came with onion rings (pig).

The burger came with roasted garlic mayo, onion rings, bacon, lettuce and their Stock Burger Co. craft beer sauce. Again, the beef was cooked perfectly and Josh actually managed to finish it all off!

Josh strongly believes that a restaurant should be judged by how good their onion rings are. If they nail the onion rings, they’re going places. When we came last time our onion rings weren’t the best but this time they absolutely nailed it, perfectly crisp.

We were well and truly stuffed by the end of this ridiculously big dinner so didn’t order any dessert. However, the chef very kindly sent out the Brighton Beach pudding.


A cheesecake mousse with fresh raspberries and strawberries, cinnamon doughnut, salted caramel sauce, soft serve ice cream, topped with candy floss. Needless to say, we made room in our stomachs for it. I love the idea of incorporating all aspects of Brighton in a sweet little jar.

The service this time around was flawless. Of course, they knew we were coming and that we’d probably review them again, but we could hear and see the way the staff were serving the rest of the diners and it was with the same excellence.

It’s safe to say they definitely won us over and we’ll no doubt be returning to try some more items off their menu.

You can check out their menu here or pop down to the seafront and visit them at  137 Kings Rd, BN1 2JF, we highly recommend you check them out!