Sometimes being an adult just isn’t so bad…

When I started this post it was originally going to be all about the things that suck about becoming an adult (what is an adult? I don’t think I am one yet). Then I started to think about all the positives and decided to write about the perks (because there are some) that come when you decide to fly the nest..

  1. No curfews. No sneaking in the front door, praying that your mums asleep and not waiting up for you to ask you where you’ve been, who you’ve been out with, if you’re drunk and WHAT TIME DO YOU CALL THIS?!
  2. You can drink whenever you want. I remember when Cate’s mum went away for a week when we were both living at home, I went and stayed with her and we would have shots of Cactus Jacks with our bacon sandwiches for breakfast. Just because we could.
  3. You can eat whatever you want. Although you probably shouldn’t, there’s probably a good reason that my mum didn’t let me order Dominoes pizza for breakfast.
  4. You can have people over. Literally whenever you want. Club is boring, party at mine! Date going well? Invite them back for a drink.
  5. Lay ins. You can sleep in until 1pm and not have your mum give you that disappointed look and ask have you only just got up?!
  6. Chores. If you can’t be bothered to do the washing up, there’s not a shit storm waiting for you when you wake up when your mum has found that unwashed frying pan from when you made a bacon sandwich after you got in from the pub last night.
  7. No siblings. I love my sisters don’t get me wrong, but that love definitely blossomed when I stopped living with them. You get to become friends instead of being the girl that stole the top that I was planning to wear out tonight.

So next time you’re on hold with Revenue and Customs trying to get a tax rebate or ironing your shirt for work, remember that it’s not all doom and gloom, you can have a glass of wine right now and nobody will judge you.