A Little Sunday Summary #8

Happy Sunday! Let’s delve straight into what we’ve been up to shall we?



On Monday we headed to St. Katherine’s Dock for a half day “seafood extravaganza” cookery course. It’s owned by Ann Hood who was a contestant on Masterchef UK in 2009 and it offers intimate cooking classes covering bread, cheese and sausage making to all kinds of courses like Best of British and the seafood extravaganza we tried.

In a group of 13 we learned how to make tempura prawns, fish cakes, sea bass cooked in lemon and butter, sweet chilli sauce and (my favourite) squid stuffed with ricotta, spinach and peanuts in a rich Italian tomato sauce. We were also taught how to fillet a seabass and how to dice vegetables like you see chefs do on the telly.

Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to take any photos so you’ll just have to imagine how good all that food looked. Classes are usually around £90pp but if you head to Groupon there are deals on at the moment, 2 for £30! They have multiple locations around the UK so I would definitely recommend trying one out.

FullSizeRender (7)

We were sent these fruit pots this week from Nature’s Finest. I don’t usually like coconut water and Josh hates mango AND pineapple but we both scoffed these! They make the perfect late night snack if you’re craving something sweet but are trying to be healthy.


If you haven’t seen already we’ve had a header made by Dorkface and I am obsessed with it. If you’re looking to have any designs made for your blog or YouTube channel you have to check her out, her prices are very good and she is super talented.


I started my new job this week! I’m the office administrator for Think Productive, the CEO has written a ton of amazing books about productivity so I’m reading his most popular one at the moment. He’s also written one for students on the best methods of studying called “How to be a knowledge ninja” which you should check out if you’re trying to be more productive.

I’m not very familiar with the Hove area so I’m excited to find new places to have lunch, get coffee or do some work remotely. This week I came across Raise Bakery which is just the cutest little family run bakery with the friendliest staff ever.


If you missed it, we went to Hotel Du Vin for Valentine’s Day dinner last weekend and wrote a review about it which you can read here.

We’re doing lots of recipe testing today to bring you some exciting posts next week so keep an eye out! How was your week?