A day in the life of… | Jess & Josh cook

I mentioned earlier this week that we have decided to incorporate lifestyle into our blog so there will be more of a mixture of posts coming up. The reason being is that I kept coming up with ideas for posts to write, but wasn’t writing them because they didn’t fit into the theme of our blog.  I want to be able to write whatever I fancy and I didn’t want to limit myself just because our focus is primarily food! It is our blog after all.

I decided to kick things off with a post so you can get to know us a little better if you don’t already! This is what our typical day looks like…


08:00 am – My alarm goes off. At this point we’ve probably only had around 5 hours sleep, so I start calculating in my head how late I can stay in bed before I have to get up for work. Do I really need to wash my hair this morning? Do I have any dry shampoo? Josh is still snoring, somehow never stirring when my phone starts bleeping. I press snooze.

08:09 am – Why oh why does my alarm only snooze for 9 minutes?! I turn snooze off, not to get out of bed but to turn on another alarm for 08:45 am. That is the absolute latest I can stay in bed until.

08:45 am – Josh still hasn’t been bothered by the alarm even though it’s the third time it’s rung. I finally drag myself out of bed and feed the cat who has been waiting patiently outside our bedroom door since the first alarm went off.

09:30 am – By this time I’ve made an attempt at some make up, maybe had a smoothie or a cereal bar but not likely on a weekday and I’ve done something to my hair to make it vaguely presentable. I leave for work. Josh is still asleep.


11:30 am – Josh wakes up, heads into the kitchen and makes a black coffee. Sits down on the sofa, has a fag and puts on some sci-fi show that I’ve never heard of.

01:00 pm – Josh has been playing League of Legends since he got up and now needs to get ready for work, he showers and puts clothes on – takes no time at all. Leaves for work at half past one.

I’m not going to go into what we do whilst we’re both at work, it’s work, you guys don’t wanna hear about lead generation or administration tasks do you?

05:30 pm – Home time! I head back home, check the post box in our building in the hopes of finding something that doesn’t resemble an enormous council tax bill, and am greeted at the front door by an attention deprived cat. She goes mental, meowing and begging for strokes for about 10 minutes before she gets bored and waits patiently by her bowl to be fed again.

06:00 pm – I spend the next couple of hours putting off all the chores I have to do by watching all my guilty pleasure shows before Josh gets home, Keeping up with the Kardashians being the main show I am not allowed to watch in his company. Unless I want to watch it whilst he had his headphones on drowning out the sound of their voices with his music, which kinda ruins it for me.

07:30 pm – Depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll work out for half an hour whilst nobody is home so nobody has to see how much of a state I am after cardio.

08:00 pm – I’ll usually write a new blog post in the evening and either post it then and schedule some promo tweets for it for the next day or schedule it to go out around midday the following day.

09:00 pm – I’ve realised I only have 30 minutes to do all the chores I said I would do when I got home from work so I have a mad dash to do the bare essentials, usually unloading the dishwasher and doing the washing up from the night before. Why do I never learn it’s always easier to do them straight away?!


09:40 pm – Josh gets home from work, we make dinner which usually takes us around an hour and then settle in for the evening. We are avid binge watchers and so most of the time it only takes us about a month to get through a season, we’ve just finished House and have started watching (re watching for me) Grey’s Anatomy and are already mid way through season 2. The more I write this post the more I realise how boring our life is!

02:30 am – Time for bed! We’ll put the Harry Potter audio book on to fall asleep to and wait for that annoying 08:00 am alarm to go off to start it all over again.