Review: Gars | Jess & Josh Cook

Review: Gars | Jess & Josh Cook


Today Josh and I had to be up and out of the house by 11am which is early for us. Those of you that get up at a normal time are probably hating on us right now, but Josh works night shifts so we usually don’t get to bed until 3-4am so it’s kinda justified.

We went to London for the afternoon for a cookery course (which was amazing but more on that another day) and travelling is tiring too. Even more so when every train home you’re trying to catch is cancelled and it ends up taking twice as long, damn you National Rail.

What I’m trying to do is excuse the fact that we ordered a takeaway on a Monday night, we got home and were just knackered. We decided to order from Gars via Deliveroo because I keep hearing they do very good Chinese food and I was in the mood for noodles, which we didn’t even order in the end!


Squid fried in salt, pepper, chilli & spring onion – £7.50

If it’s on the menu, 9 times out of 10 we will order squid for starters, we’re stuck in our ways and we just love it. It was good, the batter wasn’t super crispy but that’s most likely down to getting it delivered and I would still order it again if I was eating in house.


Chicken pecking style with garlic, wine and ginger – £10

This is what Josh went for and again a very good dish! Although if you don’t like ginger I would recommend ordering something else as the ginger definitely overpowers the other flavours, but not in a bad way if you like that kinda thing.


Chicken kung po style with sweet chilli and garlic – £10 

This one was a winner for us, the sauce is spicy but too overpowering as the sweetness balances it out. The chicken was moist and cooked perfectly, a solid dish.

We ordered egg fried rice as a side and our meal came with a massive bag of free prawn crackers. Ff a Chinese doesn’t come with prawn crackers it’s a deal breaker for me, I used to buy those big bags you can get in Sainsbury’s and scoff them all in one sitting *ashamed face emoji*.

Our bill came to £35 with Deliveroo delivery charges and driver tip which is definitely reasonable considering the quality of the food. I can totally understand why Gars is rated so highly, we’ll be popping down to their restaurant to try some more of their extensive menu and you should too!

You can check out their menu here or head down to their restaurant at 19 Prince Albert St. BN1 1HF