A Little Sunday Summary #6

Happy Sunday! It’s the Superbowl tonight, do you any of you guys watch it? I don’t follow the build up but always stay up to watch the half time show. Cate and I are (hopefully) going to be watching it tonight at Walkabout so we can get good and drunk too.


This week on the search for the best coffee shops in Brighton, Cate and I tried Mojo Coffee House which is a firm favourite at the moment. Tables big enough to have your laptop and a hot drink and not be in constant fear you’re going to knock your drink over and the staff were lovely!


I went to Seven Sisters with some of my fam and had a few drinks at The Cuckmere Inn, I love it up there when the suns out, I definitely need to make the time to go over there more often.


Have you been keeping up with Cate‘s Feb Food Challenge? It’s made me fall back in love with Instagram which I’ve been neglecting recently so why don’t you get involved and also visit our Instagram whilst you’re at it!

New buys this week, I got this super cute Valentine’s day plate from Homesense and tried these Snapea rice snacks which are delicious and low in calories (but not if you eat the whole bag like I did).

Other things that happened this week…

  • Josh and I went to Ephesus last night, a review is coming later today/tomorrow.
  • We got sent some Haagen-Dazs vouchers for some ice cream which will feature in our Valentine’s day recipe!
  • I bought FLARES and love them. The 70’s are definitely coming back.
  • I went to Nandos for the first time in years and remembered how much I love being basic.
  • We ran a Valentine’s Day giveaway, there are still a few days left to enter so if you haven’t already then do it!!
  • I tried cricket flour. Read about it here.

How were your weeks? Let us know in the comments!