I tried cricket flour so you don’t have to

I tried cricket flour so you don’t have to

So you may or may not have heard but cricket flour is a thing. It is exactly what is sounds like, slow roasted and milled crickets turned into flour. I first heard about cricket flour through Cate and it is supposedly going to be one of the big food trends this year.


It is most commonly used in protein bars at the moment because crickets are packed full of protein (who knew?). I was sent this CroBar in my Degusta box this month and so I dared to try it..

And I had to spit it out. Attractive, right?

It kind of tasted like a flavourless Nakd bar, but worse, because I love Nakd bars. Maybe I was thinking too much about crickets and it has distorted my judgement but I won’t be recommending cricket flour to any of my friends!

Have you ever tried cricket flour? If so, did you like it?