A Little Sunday Summary #5

Happy Sunday! It’s here, the last day of January, I can’t tell you how long this month has been. Christmas felt like a million years ago! Here’s to February being a better month!

The Body Coach SSS 90 Day Plan 

This week kinda flew by and it didn’t feel like I was on a strict eating plan at all. That might be because I’ve gotten used to all the food prep but more likely because I had a cheat meal on Thursday night and because my hangover on Saturday left me craving grilled cheese and crisps. Which I did have.

Last week I asked if any of you knew of any good HIIT videos on Youtube and I was recommended Pop Sugar 20 minute bikini body HIIT. It’s my favourite so far, I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for some cardio to do at home!

We tried some new things this week!


We went to The Spice Shop in the North Laines in Brighton, you’ve probably seen it if you’re from Brighton, it’s bright yellow so it’s hard to miss! We wanted to get basically every spice in there but managed to restrain ourselves and just got this rogan josh mix which we used in a casserole.


Josh tried falafel for the first time ever. I know, how has he gone 26 years without ever trying it?! We went to FilFil in Brighton and got a falafel pitta to takeaway, it was gorgeous and we are definitely going to go back and try their other flavours!


I finally jumped on the bandwagon and bought some Bluebird Tea Co. tea! I went for Strawberry Lemonade which is delicious and they also have a recipe for how to make it into a lemonade cocktail on their website which I’m definitely going to do soon.

In the post


We were lucky enough to be sent some Very Lazy pots this week, there will be a post to follow this coming week so keep your eyes peeled.

Other things that happened this week… 

  • We went to the Stock Burger Co. launch on Thursday night, if you missed it you can read our review here.
  • I did some work out of Presuming Ed down London Road with Cate, of course. We’re going to try as many independent coffee shops around Brighton so we can compile a “Top 5” list for y’all.
  • Does anybody else feel like their lives are being taken over by League of Legends? No? Lucky you! It’s the North America LoL championships at the moment so that’s on in our house every day.
  • We have very nearly finished watching Lost. Josh had already seen it and I knew about the ending before starting it but it was one of those shows I always wanted to watch anyway. It’s seriously mind fucking though, I can’t keep up!

How were your weeks? Let us know in the comments!