Review: Stock Burger Co. | Brighton

Review: Stock Burger Co. | Brighton

If you know us, or if you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that we love burgers. We’ve been to most burger places in Brighton and have made a lot of burgers at home. When we saw the “Stock Burger Co. Coming Soon” sign go up right next to our house we were very excited to try the latest Brighton burger joint.

stock burger co exterior

We decided to go to their launch night (28th of Jan) and booked a table for 10pm which was the latest table they had available which might have caused some of the issues we had. More on that later.

First Impressions

Upon arrival everything seemed promising, there was good music playing and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. However, we then had to wait in the entrance, feeling awkward, for somebody to seat us. There were no staff welcoming customers and all the waiters and waitresses were over the other end of the restaurant. We had a table booked so we didn’t want to just sit anywhere and after 5 minutes of hanging around I had to go and find somebody to explain we had a reservation.

The waiter seemed confused and went and asked his manager where to seat us and it was obvious we hadn’t had a table reserved and we were sat at the nearest table to us. I was annoyed at this point, but our waitress was lovely and came and took our drinks order quickly. They were obviously all very happy with how the launch had gone, the atmosphere was really good, so I got over it and perused the menu, the good music putting us back in a good mood and we were ready to enjoy the evening.

The drinks were brought over promptly, I went for their Stock Burger IPA which I really liked and I’m not much of an ale drinker!



Their menu is good however they only have one veggie burger (unless you create your own) which is a little bit disappointing. It’s all reasonably priced, exactly what you’d expect from a Brighton burger joint. Josh ordered The Stock Burger and I went for the Grilled Chicken burger, tempted by the Stock Burger Co. sauce! For sides Josh had onion rings and I went for the skin on fries. This is where the evening went downhill unfortunately.

Josh’s burger came out first, but with the wrong order of sides, they’d given him fries. There was no apology from the waiter and the burger and fries were taken back into the kitchen “to see what went wrong”. A minute later Josh’s burger was brought out without his sides, with the promise that his onion rings were on their way. Still no sign of my meal. At this point I was thinking “What would Gordon Ramsay say? He’d never allow this in Hell’s Kitchen!” Food should always go out together.


When things went downhill… 

So we waited. Josh started eating his burger because we assumed mine would be right out, but it wasn’t. Josh finished his burger, which he said was amazing but there was still no sign of his sides or my meal. 10 minutes had passed and our waitress came over and said she would find out what had gone wrong. The manager then came and spoke to us, was very apologetic, and said my burger would be 5 more minutes but that both of our burgers would be free which eased my annoyance.

By this point though, I didn’t really want my burger anymore, who wants to sit there and eat a burger on their own? Another 10 minutes passed and as I was about to get up to leave, my burger arrived. 20 minutes after Josh’s burger.


Unfortunately, my burger wasn’t worth the wait or cheating on my diet. The chicken was just a bit too dry, where I felt like I needed a sip of water after eat bite. The sides were also average, with neither of us finishing them. The Stock Burger that Josh had was really good though, so definitely give that one a try if you go there!


We had been looking forward to trying Stock Burger Co. for so long and it turned out to be the worst service we’ve had eating out in Brighton, a real shame.

Like I mentioned earlier, this may be because we booked a late table, but consistency is super important especially on opening night! It became very apparent that everybody had already started celebrating the success of the night when we arrived, so standards may have slipped.

We were invited back to give Stock Burger Co another chance, you can find out what we thought here.