Review: Vegan Fajitas | Jess & Josh Cook

We’ve been meaning to have a go at making Cate’s Vegan Fajitas for a couple of weeks now but things kept cropping up (mostly me being too hungover to move) but we finally got around to it last night! Here’s how it went:

The Cashew Queso 


The cashew queso went pretty smoothly! We managed to get our cashews soaking – with a gentle reminder from Cate – 3 hours prior to actually making dinner and the instructions were super simple to follow. Just bung it all in the food processor.

Now, did it actually taste like cheese? Yes, it did. Was it nice? Our opinions differed. I really liked it and had both of my tortillas covered in it. Josh also had it on both of his tortillas but was pretty indifferent to it, he’s quite hard to please sometimes. I would definitely recommend trying it out though and I will be eating the leftovers on some rice crackers throughout the week.

The Guacamole 


Josh slightly modified Cate’s guacamole recipe but only because he doesn’t usually like guacamole and so he added a few bits in just to make sure he’d definitely eat it. All that was changed was 1/2 a teaspoon of chipotle and 1/2 teaspoon of smoked paprika were added. It was sexy. Very tasty.

The Peppers 


So we had a little bit of a nightmare with the peppers. Nothing to do with Cate’s recipe but down to our poor organisation. We went to Waitrose and decided not to buy puy lentils because we thought we had plenty of red lentils at home and could use those. It turned out that we only had 80g of red lentils instead of the 150g we need. Bugger.

We used those but then something weird happened. I am pretty sure you cook lentils by boiling them right? Well, with the few lentils we had I cooked them in preparation for adding them to the peppers and after 20 mins in the water they had turned to mush. They’d lost all colour and you couldn’t even tell what they were supposed to be. So we had to go without lentils.

Putting the lentil fiasco behind us, the peppers were delicious. We didn’t have any El Paso fajita seasoning in so we did our own make shift version following this recipe.

The Refried Beans 


The refried beans were amazing. Our favourite aspect of the dish and we’ll definitely be stealing this recipe to use any time we have fajitas.


All in all, they were absolutely delicious. Like, seriously. Josh doesn’t really like much vegan food because he is obsessed with cheese and cream, but he loved these. You seriously don’t miss the meat and are super full by the end of it all.