A Little Sunday Summary #4

We’ve almost made it, we’re almost at the end of a very long and very depressing January. Well for me it was anyway, I hope your months weren’t so bad! Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to this past week.

The Body Coach 90 day SSS plan 

I decided to stay away from alcohol this week to avoid what happened last weekend and it means I’ve stayed on plan all week (apart from tonight when we cook Vegan Fajitas but hey, at least it’s not a takeaway)!

I’ve stuck to the exercise 100% again and even did 5 work outs instead of 4 this week. What am I turning into?! I am however, getting bored of the routines I’m doing so if anybody knows any good HIIT vids I could watch please send them my way.

I am getting on with the food much better than last week, which is good, but I am still very bored of having eggs for breakfast. Here are a couple of my dinners from this week:

Steak, chips & veg and Paprika potatoes with honey spiced chicken & veg

This breakfast really kicked it up a notch though… 

Jess Pancake

Pancakes cooked with My Protein banana and chocolate flavour whey protein, oats & banana covered in My Protein Maple flavour syrup 

I know they really don’t look tasty, I’m rubbish at flipping pancakes, but they were so so good and the syrup has zero sugar in so I was free to add as much as I wanted (I really went to town after this photo).

Dinners Josh cooked this week 

As always, Josh is putting me to shame by topping every meal I make, here are some of his from the week:

Apple syrup pancakes, Chicken curry & Steak with Caesar salad

Other things that happened this week

  • We finally bought a good camera, courtesy of Cate Bell, so we can take some decent-ish photos of our food!
  • We went to see The Big Short at the cinema last night. It’s so good. Please go and see it! It’s got Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, Brad Pitt and Christian Bale in it, need I say more?
  • I tried a new coffee shop to do some job searching in this week in Brighton, Nordic Coffee Collective. It was super cosy, not overly crowded, had a massive range of cakes and treats and the best part – loads of plug sockets! If you’re a Brightonian you should definitely check it out, it’s down by St. Peters church.

That’s all from us. We’ve got loads of posts planned for this week so keep an eye out! Happy Sunday 🙂