A Little Sunday Summary

Has an entire week passed since I last wrote one of these?! This week has flown by in a bit of a blur, here’s what happened:


Ok so, we’re not participating fully in Veganuary for a couple of reasons. Mostly because Josh can’t get his head around going a whole month without eating any meat and cooking together in the evenings is one of our favorite things to do so it’d be hard to go a whole month cooking seperate meals. Also because I’ve signed up for The Body Coach (starting tomorrow eeek!) and you can’t do it if you’re vegan. 

However, we are trying to incorporate more vegan meals into our diet. Last night we cooked Cate a vegan mushroom stroganoff (check out how her first week of veganuary went) we’ve done vegan burgers and satay noodles too. 

Little victories

If you read our last Sunday post you’ll know that we tried and failed miserably at making fresh pasta but we gave it another go this week and nailed it! Josh is getting a little obsessed with it though and has just gone out to buy 12 eggs so he can make four portions. I guess I’m having pasta for dinner again tonight! 


We adopted a cat!

I say adopted, I mean my cat has been living at my mums since Josh and I moved in together but she was getting bullied by mean cats in the neighborhood and she was attacked quite badly and so she’s come to live with us! She seems to have settled in well and she’s a little bit in love with Josh…


What else?

I’ve not been working for the latter part of the week but I spent  my time off productively of course! No, I didn’t write any blog posts or do any exercise or any housework but instead spent the past few days totally binge watching Making A Murderer and I don’t regret a second of it. 

Oh and I went to Spoons a couple of times and Josh went to a metal gig.

Not a very eventful week, how were your weeks?