A Little Sunday Summary

I still can’t decide what to call these posts, hopefully I’ll make mind up soon. Any suggestions welcome!

This week has felt weird hasn’t it? When was Christmas? Was it this week or last? I had to look through my phone to remind myself what we have been up to as its all felt a bit like a dream.

The littlest Scotts came to stay

For those of you who don’t know I have four siblings and these two are the youngest of the bunch (James 6, Elizabeth 4). They came and had a sleepover at our house on Monday and were a little hyper but it was lovely all the same! Josh played Lego with James for hours and Lizzie spent her time running around as fast as she could shouting her dogs name. Kids eh? Who’d have em?

Not so fun things that happened this week
For Christmas I got Josh a pasta maker so we could start making fresh pasta on a regular basis. We tried it out this week and failed miserably, it seems we haven’t quite got the knack of it yet! We didn’t leave the pasta to dry enough so it just became one big gloopy carb ball. Sad times.


The Christmas tree and all the decorations have come down. Sob. Back to the real world tomorrow…

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though…


We had a lovely NYE with an amazing dinner at The Chilli Pickle, I mean just look at that dish! We then went to The Constant Service in Hanover with Cate to see in the new year, it was a lovely evening!

Look at how cute these plates are that I bought from Homesense!

We also finally nailed brioche buns and made these sexy beef burgers!


Aaaaand we bought a whole chicken and de boned it and did lots with it, see here!

Let us know how your week was in the comments!