The Blind Taste Challenge

Now if you know us you know that we are both massive Gordon Ramsay fans and spend a lot of our spare time watching his shows. One of our all time faves is Hells Kitchen USA and there’s a particular challenge we love, mostly because we think we’d be sick at it – the blind taste challenge.

If you’ve seen the show you know exactly what I’m talking about, but if not its where contestants go head to head blind folded with headphones on and have to guess what ingredient they’re tasting. We ALWAYS think we can do better than them so we decided to give it a go ourselves!

Both of us went out and bought 4 different ingredients each and tested each others pallets! I was tested first:


First up was bramble jelly, I guessed jam which wasn’t enough info apparently (who chooses sometimes like bramble jelly for a taste test?!) but I guessed correctly! Probably only because we use it in gravy all the time.

Second was gherkins and I hate gherkins so knew what it was immediately, although I was hoping I was wrong because we had promised to only choose foods the other liked! Tut tut Josh…

Third up was lime juice, I almost went for lemon juice but happy days… Another one right!! 3\4 so far for Jess.

Last of all was spinach. We eat spinach all the time, if we can incorporate it into our dinner we will, but I just had no idea what I was tasting! This was the only one Josh was sure I’d get but I thought it was basil!!

So I’d guessed 3 out of the 4 correctly, not bad at all but Josh was so damn sure that he would beat me, so let’s see just how good his pallet it…


Mmmm now don’t they look appetising. First up was a satsuma which Josh guessed correctly, I was expecting him to say orange but no, he nailed it!

Next was chocolate mousse, again Josh guessed that one a second after tasting it. Maybe he really was going to beat me..

Third was mango chutney which is something we eat somewhat regularly so I was sure he would get this one as well but I thought wrong, he guessed red pepper hummus! Now the best he could do was tie with my score (can you tell how competitive I am?)

Last was salami which was a bit of a curve ball. Josh was umming and erring about whether it was parma ham or salami and settled for parma ham! Jessica wins!

2 out of 4 correct for Josh meant a relatively big strop was thrown, he sure is a sore loser!

I would definitely recommend trying this yourself, its a good laugh but just be ready for some slammed doors if you’re playing with a sore loser!

Have you ever done a taste challenge? Let us know how it went!