Our week in a nutshell

We’ve never done one of these little weekly summary posts before but inspired by CateintheKitchen’s and as in the run up to Christmas we are doing and trying so many new things and we wanted to share it all with you! We’ll see if it becomes a regular thing…


The most exciting news of the week is that we received our gift from our Secret Santa! Although I think we have a pretty good idea as to who it was…

A little package of vegan-friendly gifts, such a lovely idea. So far we’ve tried the Emily fruit crisps, the pukka teas and the inSpiral kale chips and have loved them all. We’ll definitely be trying some more flavours of Emily’s fruit crisps!


Christmassy things we did this week.. 

  • I bought some sexy Santa earrings from Co-op to add to my ever growing collection of tacky Christmas-related jewelry. They have a massive collection of things just as tacky as this for about £1!
  • Made a comforting winter stew with loads of mash!
  • We bought our first Christmas card of the year for my mum. I’ve been so rubbish with writing Christmas cards this year but I saw this one in Bert’s Homestore, homemade by Jules Miller Cards, and just had to buy it immediately. It’s so cute with the Pavilion on it and I knew my mum would just love it!


Out in Brighton

Cate and I went out for drinks on Friday at The Hope & Ruin to celebrate her winning a big new client! They are decked out with Christmas lights and tinsel and we drank their mulled cider all evening and it is indeed, very boozy (it’s also super cheap)!


I was then very lucky to be treated to a dinner at The Coal Shed! Josh and I had planned what we were going to order about a week ago we were so excited! A review coming soon..


Hope you all had lovely weeks!