Review: Bombay Indian Grill

Originally, we were hoping to go to The Coal Shed on Saturday night but stupidly didn’t book in advance and they had no reservations left. We then decided to go to Planet India but they were also fully booked so in the end we chose to go to Bombay Indian Grill on Preston Street and we’re so glad we did!

The restaurant itself is super cute, it’s dark and intimate and lit with candles so perfect for date night. Their menu is a mixture of the old classics like korma and vindaloo but they’ve also got some of their own specialties.

We ordered the set meal for two which was a mixed starter platter, two curries, two sides, a dish of rice, a naan and two desserts for £36.95!


Not a great photo because it was so dark in there but it was so tasty. It comes with chicken tikka, sheek kebab, vegetable samosas and onion bhajis. It’s £11.95 if you’re not having it as a part of the set meal though.

For the mains we had chicken Tikka Masala and a lamb Kharal Gosht, neither of us had heard of a Kharal Gosht but we were not disappointed. The lamb was succulent and spicy but not overpowering which was good because we’re both wimps when it comes to spice. The only flaw was that the veg was cut a little bit too thick but that is just a personal preference! The Tikka Masala was pretty good too and both curries came with plenty of meat.

We had sag aloo and mushroom bhaji for our sides but only half of it got eaten because we were so full. We both thought the mushroom bhaji would come like the onion ones do, because we’re a little uneducated in Indian cuisine, but they come fried with onion and red pepper in a rich sauce which was much nicer.

Neither of us go for a dessert when we eat out because we’re usually too full and we don’t have a big sweet tooth but we both chose one as it came in the set meal. We had pancakes with honey and banana fritters with syrup and ice cream – very sweet and definitely tipped us over the edge into a food coma.

The food was delicious but the service was at another level. It was by far the best we’ve had when eating out in Brighton and we have eaten in a lot of places! The staff were attentive but not overbearing, there’s nothing I hate more than a waiter asking you how your food is every 5 minutes when you’ve got a mouth full of curry. They were really friendly, welcoming and our plates where never left on the table for more than 5 minutes after finishing each course.

I’ll definitely be recommending Bombay Grill to anyone who’s going out for a curry in Brighton and we will definitely be returning. Here, have a photo set of Josh settling into his food coma…