I love Wetherspoons and I don’t care who knows it.

So today, Cate and I had our first Christmas dinner of the season and yes, it was at Wetherspoons. Josh (not an avid Spoons fan) was at work so didn’t have the pleasure of joining us.

Being December there are only two ways you can dress: in the tackiest Christmas clothes you can lay your hands on or get dressed up to the nines in glitter and sequins and all things gold. We went for the former…


Now for the actual meal. They were SOLD OUT of the turkey dinner so we settled for the vegetarian option which was a veggie wellington with all the trimmings. To be honest, we were both only really there for the mash and roast potatoes. Here’s a pic, what else can I really say? It’s a Spoons meal.


We finished the day by trying to construct a Christmas tree at my house which is much harder after a few vodka cokes, especially when someone (me) buys baubles where you have to tie the string yourself!

Happy December 1st! The countdown begins..