The Mad Hatter – Review

This afternoon we went on a search for somewhere to have a nice brunch (i’d say breakfast but we didn’t get up til midday so I don’t think you can call it that!) near our new house.

After walking along Western Road until we were in Hove and not finding anywhere we liked the look of we ended up going to The Mad Hatter, next to Waitrose.

The menu is pretty much everything you would expect from a little cafe. Full breakfasts, coffees, sandwiches etc and it’s all pretty cheap. We both ordered a veggie breakfast which you can have with scrambled, fried or poached egg and white toast, bagel or English muffin.


This is mine – White toast w/ butter, beans, scrambled egg, grilled tomato, hash brown and veggie sausages with a cup of coffee for £6.20.

To be honest, we were both a bit disappointed. First of all I think any veggie breakfast should come with mushrooms, but that’s just me.

The toast was that super thin bread that when toasted just gets a bit too hard/crunchy. The hash browns were nothing to write home about either.

I really liked the veggie sausages but Josh hated them. We were both expecting them to be those “meat-like” veggie sausages you get but they were made from peas, carrots, potato and onion and then (I assume) deep fried.

The place was decked out with cute little Alice in Wonderland quotes and photos and they had some really cool art for sale around the room.


Overall, it wasn’t terrible but just wasn’t great. If you’re hungry and you just need some food or if you’re feeling lazy/hungover it’s not a bad place to go grab something greasy. But as Josh said when I asked him what he thought: “meh”.