April April April | Jess & Josh Cook

April April April | Jess & Josh Cook

April, for us, has been crap. However, I’m trying to keep a positive attitude so seeing as we’ve not been doing our weekly updates I thought I’d do you a monthly one on some of the good stuff that happened this month. This is gonna be a photo heavy post, just a heads up.

What We’ve Been Eating


The week following Easter saw us eat a shit ton of Lamb. Lamb for days. We probably ate a whole lamb. Do I feel bad? I should, shouldn’t I? (I don’t, it was great).


We tried recreating that meal from our visit to Ephesus. It was good, but not quite good enough for Josh to be satisfied writing a recipe for it. We’re giving it another go next week so keep your eyes peeled for a post all about it!


We had our week of being vegetarians and have carried on for a second week. Josh is just loving not eating meat when just a couple of months ago I struggled to get him to do 1-2 veggie meals a week! We’ve had THE BEST veggie burgers, risottos, stuffed crust pizza, meat free shepherds pie, pasta bakes.. it’s been fab.

What We’ve Been Watching


I’ve been dying to watch Room ever since I saw the trailer for it ages ago and we finally got around to it this month. I can’t really give it justice, just go watch it if you haven’t already. It’s so GOOD.

I *shock horror* had never seen House of Cards but Josh pushed me into it this month because he wanted to see the new season. I’m so glad he did, I’ve totally fallen in love with Kevin Spacey and his wife is such a badass bitch I just love it.

Finally, The People VS OJ Simpson. When everyone in the office were talking about how good it was, I put it on my to-watch list for another time, but then I found out David Schwimmer was in it and I was sold. I loved this show and although it’s quite clearly dramatized for TV (John Travolta, what is up with your face bro?) I learned so much about the case I never knew before.

What We’ve Been Doing 

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I became obsessed with taking blue sky photos of Brighton and I ain’t stopping any time soon. We had my little brother and sister over for a sleepover and firmly agreed we do not want children any time soon. I jumped on the bandwagon and started a Bullet Journal, we started growing our own herbs and we went to see the new Jungle Book and totally adored it.

That’s pretty much it for April guys, what have you been up to? Let us know in the comments!